Friday, November 27, 2009

In No Particular Order

Here's my personal "To-Do" List:

1) Fly in a World War II single engine fighter, preferably a P-51 Mustang. A FAU Corsair would work, too. And a P-38 Lightning would suffice, even though it has two engines.

2) Visit Normandy, France.

3) Live in the wild, unplugged and self-sufficient, for a month. Not alone, but I would do it alone if no one wants to come along.

4) Meet the President.

5) Win a scratch ticket for more than $100.

6) Have a perfect shave - no nicks, no missed whiskers, no doubt about it.

7) Hit a walk-off homerun.

8) Give my wife a perfect gift, at the perfect time.

9) Host a huge blow-out food and beer extravaganza, for like 300 friends. Sorry, but no kids.

10) Stay up to see the sunrise in New Orleans and remember it.

11) Coach an undefeated team.

12) Drive a car on a closed race track.

13) Write or illustrate a children's book.

14) Build something from start to finish, like a boat or a cabin.

15) Live on the water, or on the shore really. Ocean or lake, no matter.

16) Ride a bike for a long, long time.

17) Break up a fight. And walk away from it.

18) Learn blacksmith skills.

19) Have a reason to wear a tux (that fits...), and whatever the reason is, my wife gets to dress up, too.

20) Drive across the country.

Okay? Did I miss anything? I will let you know how it goes.

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