Saturday, May 3, 2014


Don't blink. Don't back off the plate. Don't flinch. Stick your chin out and dare the world to clip you on the chin. Fight, dear love. You, my best friend, are tough and beautiful and wise and funny. There is nothing you can't do, although we both know by now we can't do everything. But what you choose to do, what you give your heart and soul to, will be better for your contribution and dedication. Big and small, you have made - and continue to make - the world special for your children and those you care for. Everyday, we all look to you for love, affection, and strength.

If you flag, we will stumble. If you let doubt and pettiness drag you down, we will only share your misery. Be strong and sing, even of your voice is haggard and flat. Share that voice, because we love to hear it, we love your words, we need you. Trust me when I say, your voice is full of love and power. It sounds better now than at anytime in its past.

Trust me when I say you have more to do, more of us to carry, to uplift. Everyday, I see eyes alight upon you, watching you for a smile. Your littlest compliment or thoughtful piece of advice is going to ripple for decades. You work wonders and don't forget it.

I need you. We need you. The world needs you and more like you. If the world is too big, too cold, too complicated, it is your voice that gives us comfort. Your voice makes us feel warm and nurtured. Your voice helps each of us find purpose and meaning, your voice helps us make sense of the chaos. Your voice is our harbor, our shelter, our solace. The simple things you do, even when we forget to appreciate them, give us structure and shed light for us to move ahead.

Don't let the grit of everyday steal from you the magic of life. Your sweetness, gentleness, and beauty matter to me and to everyone in your life. You make me better, you make us all better. Get your swagger on, 'cause yours is model we should all follow. Your "good enough" is wonderful. And trust me, you have never been more beautiful to me.