Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ideas from a Man Who Lived

As my father's life ended, he took time to sort a few things out and write down his thoughts.  Here are his words:


Live on in memory, tradition, human kind

There is "something" in thinking pretty good, positive
  • similarities in all religions
There are good spirits, vibes

The Bible is a story
  • with contradictions
  • lots of good advice
Christianity must be a living spirit, like the Constitution, changing with the ages

Churches must face up to temporal problems:
  • divorce
  • drugs
  • mental illness
  • aging
  • death
Christ was an amazing person

A certain mysticism / ritual or ceremony is part of religious experience

Need to be a fellow traveler, helping along the way

Religion can be the opiate of the masses

If I am not myself who will be? If I am only for myself, what am I?

Churches must help with the meaning of life

Churches must present a moral & ethical path

Don't Believe:

In Heaven / Hell or life after

There are bad vibes, panic, prejudice (Editorial: I think he means they don't exist outside of us, but rather that we create them)

In the infallibility of the Pope or Bible

In pacifism like Quakers  

In celibacy like Shakers

In the parable of the talents

In eternity; even the earth will some day disappear